Perishingflames.com is a portfolio of my contributions to the hit puzzle-platform game, Marble Blast Gold. Here, players can download custom levels and custom skyboxes I have created. In addition, I compile and host on this website monthly packs of all levels released each month on the Marble Blast Forums. Instructions on installing these items can be found at the bottom of their respective pages, so please read thoroughly before asking for help. All the levels and skyboxes are cross-compatible between Mac and Windows and require the game Marble Blast Gold.

Marble Blast Gold was created by GarageGames, an Oregon-based indie games company. Unfortunately, in a recent acquisition, they lost all rights to sell the game. At the moment, the game can be bought for Mac for $6.99 at Mac Games Store. No windows version is currently for sale.



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Monthly Packs updated through December ’11

The time has come! I have just uploaded the rest of the 2011 monthly level packs.

New stuff:

– Compatibility for MBP 1.20
– Many missing interiors fixed; levels fixed
– Skybox fixes
– Rewritten installation instruction readme files
– And of course… the April pack through December 2011 pack uploaded


June Pack

It has to be the fastest Level Pack to release yet! Just over 1.5 hours of the clock striking Midnight on July 1st, the June ’09 Level Pack has been released.

Go get it!

– PF

Monthly Level Packs updated

The long-due update to the monthly level packs has finally come. Now released are the January, February, March, April, and May packs! You can download them via the Level Packs page, or through their direct downloads below:

January 2009 Pack

February 2009 Pack

March 2009 Pack

April 2009 Pack

May 2009 Pack


– Perishingflames

P.S. Coming soon is a 2008 pack (includes all levels released in ’08). Also, there very well may be an update to the CLA in the next few weeks ;)

Jewel Jubilee

Hey guys,

My latest level, named Jewel Jubilee, has been released! It is a multiplayer-esque kind of level, with diamonds spread throughout the map.


You can download it here: Jewel Jubilee.zip.

Please tell me how it is, and enjoy!

– Perishingflames